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Led screen  gym4you

“We were really in doubt if we would invest in the rent of a led screen. Today we are super happy we did, this small investment tripled our earnings! We had a lot of customers that didn't knew we existed!

Tim Collignon, Gym4You

Led screen transporthwillems

“When we were in need of a new truck driver our recruitment was really slow. When we rent a led screen and put our job offer there the applications started flooding in. The collaboration with ledpower went smoothless!”

Patricia Willems, Transport Henri Willems

Led screen ggtechnics

“To get more visibility in the neighbourhood we rent a led screen. It was a perfect solution to show our work and promotions to the broad public. Job well done!”

Geert Goossens, GG technics

Led screen genx

" Tijdens een sportclub turnfeest hebben wij ook de club ondersteunt met een ledscherm en een fotobooth"

Jérémy Van der Veken

Led screen  wunderman

Led screen  lidl

Led screen  inpro

Led screen delhaize

Why would you rent
a led screen?


From a ballroom to your own driveway. Our led screen can be installed almost everywhere you want. Inside or outside, good or bad weather.

High resolution

Crystal clear screenquality. Ideal for broadcasting live games, your next ad video or fun pictures.

Big reach

4m2, 6 m2, or bigger: choose the screen that suits your need. We will do the rest. From delivery to installation and internet connection*.

I want to rent a led screen!

*Depending on the 4G-coverage